I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Chelios~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Michigan


Apr 23, 2013
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**Special Needs (Deaf)**

Location: Michigan
Age: 5.5
Sex: Female
Weight: 21 pounds
Kids: Yes, 12 and older
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $250

In terms of health, Chelios or “Cheli”, as her foster mom calls her, is deaf, however, it hasn’t slowed her down a bit. She has some mild environmental allergies (itchy paws) that will need to be monitored in case of flare ups, but she is not currently on any medication. Cheli also has two luxating patellas that will need watched. They are not currently bothering her though, as one of her favorite activities is running laps around the backyard! Cheli does have a large scar on her stomach as she had a surgery to correct an intestinal valve when she was a puppy. However, after surgery she has not had any issues.

For household companions, Cheli prefers older children, slowly introduced dogs, and no cats! Cheli has a high prey drive so cats and other small animals would be in danger. Cheli LOVES playing with dogs once she has been slowly introduced to them. She can get overexcited and nip, which is why slow intros are necessary. However, once everyone is settled in, she loves to play play play! Wrestling is her favorite! For children, we suggest a home with dog-savvy children over 10 or 12. Just like when she meets new dogs, Chelios can get too excited and nip and jump with her initial greeting. Children will need to know how to handle being around a dog when it’s overexcited and misbehaving. If you have children, please explain their experience with dogs; also be aware that Cheli's deafness will increase the danger of an escape. She won't hear you call her back, so we will look for families with kids who know all about closing doors and gates and being aware of dog dangers.

Cheli’s personality is super sweet with a little naughty streak! She loves to chew bones, explore the backyard, wrestle with her friends, and snuggle! Cheli will even go jogging with you! Yes, you read that right! This little girl has so much energy that a fast paced walk or jog around the neighborhood is right up her alley! After her exercise regime of jaunting and wrestling, Cheli loves to snuggle up next to you. Chelios also loves to give sweet kisses (with a little tiny nibble every now and then)!

Wanna adopt?

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