I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Jerry~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Central FL
Age: 2-4
Sex: Male
Weight: 28 lbs
Kids: Yes 10+ Dog Savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Preferred
Adoption Fee: $600

Jerry came to FBRN when he was found wandering the streets with Jessie, who was thought to be his mom. Lucky for us, the shelter that took them called FBRN, and we snatched them up right away.

Jerry would do well in any style home or apartment. He isn’t a fan of grass or leash walks. He just simply wants somewhere that he is able to do his business. An adult home or home with children over 10 would be the best forever home for Jerry. Jerry should not be in a home where there are smaller animals, birds or cats. Currently he takes his lizard patrol duties very seriously and can get aggressive with them when they venture out of their hiding spots. Because of this high prey drive, the best animal for Jerry to be with is another dog. Jerry absolutely loves to play with other dogs. Whether it be a young whipper snapper of a Frenchie or an older dog, he would be happy to play with them all. If there is more than one that’s awesome too, because when one gets tired, then Jerry has another companion to play with!

Jerry is a very curious dog and loves to investigate everything by putting it in his mouth! He is not an aggressive chewer but will pick things up that he finds lying around. He can also climb to get some of the items that are of interest to him. When commanded to do so, he will drop an item that he found and claimed for his treasure chest. He loves nothing more than to be with his people and snuggle.

Jerry also understands that his humans might have to work all day, but if you stay home and work it’s an added bonus for him. He is ok with that, and knows that when they come home he gets a cookie for being a good boy all day! Since Jerry is still young and a puppy at heart, he might not make a great office dog just yet. His foster mom has expressed that he sometimes sniffs power cords and likes to explore. Since he is so curious, his new family might be doing more watching Jerry at the office than they would be getting work done.

Jerry would need to have his ears looked at and kept clean on a regular basis. He also has some scarring on his eye, but this is nothing to worry about. Currently Jerry, his foster mom, and the vet are working to figure out the best solution to tame his itchies. These can get pretty bad to the point where he will scratch at his itchies for long periods of time. He has some food aggression, but understands that he has to wait his turn. His foster mom thinks it might be more of a case of him needing to eat his food so fast because he is actually so hungry. He is currently being fed in his crate and adopters should be willing to feed him separately from the other dog(s) in the house

Wanna adopt?

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