I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Karma~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Midwestern Florida
Age: 5 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 26 lbs
Kids: Yes, 6 +
Cats: Yes
Dogs: No
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $500

Karma was surrendered to FBRN because her previous family could not manager her allergies and severely itchy skin.

While in foster care, Karma’s skin has improved drastically with just new food and frequent baths. Her forever family should be willing to delve into the world of allergy testing if her condition worsens. Because we never know where our frogs will land, it is extremely rare that FBRN would go through the testing process for allergies. Since Karma is improving with a changed diet and frequent baths, we believe she will continue to improve once she arrives in her forever home.

Karma loves children and gets along just fine with our feline friends, but she just doesn’t seem to care for other dogs (especially while on leash). We are told that she lived with two dogs previously and there were no problems, and also that she does ok with puppies. We believe it would be best for Karma to live in a home with no dogs or other animals. With proper introductions, she might be okay with a puppy that is more submissive but ideally she will find a forever home where she does not have to share with any other furry family members! We'll give preferences to applicants with no other dogs.

Karma is shy with new people at first but warms up quick, especially with gentle children who know how to approach a dog. She is very gentle with kids. Karma knows sit, stay, lie down, cage, and if you say the word bang, she will play dead! She is housebroken, crate trained, and does not get on the furniture. Karma is a goofy, funny, clumsy leader, and she loves to play catch and--uncommon in Frenchies--she will bring the toy back. She will lie on the floor all day if you let her, but when it's time to play she is ready! Karma also walks great on a leash and she loves car rides.

Karma is a great dog who would make an awesome addition to just about any family. We suggest dog savvy children 6 and up. Karma would be fine in a home or apartment--if you live in an apartment, be sure to tell us where Karma will get to play fetch. City, country, it doesn’t matter to Karma as long as she gets her short daily walk and a few rounds of fetch in the fenced yard.

While we know that Karma would love a stay at home person, this is not necessary. A mid-day break to potty and stretch her legs is required, but a hired dog-walker would be just fine for a working family. Karma would make a great office companion for anyone looking to take their new best friend to work.

Wanna adopt?

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