I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Tchecky~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Florida


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: W Central FL
Age: 2 years
Sex: Neut. Male
Weight: 18 pounds
Kids: No. Teens 15+, dog-savvy, ok
Cats: No
Dogs: No
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $600

Tchecky is a sensitive, reactive dog who was never socialized. He is very frightened around other dogs, and his fear manifests itself as aggression. We will consider applicants with a demonstrated history of success with reactive dogs, so be sure to tell us all about your experience working with a fearful or anxious dog in your application.

Tchecky was surrendered to us by a Good Samaritan who had been looking after him for several months; the Good Samaritan's circumstances changed and he was unable to keep Tchecky. Tchecky was kept in the kitchen area of his home and used a dog door. To our knowledge, Tchecky was never socialized with other dogs beyond the ones in his home or with people outside his family. He's very friendly and loving with the people in his foster home and the women at his mom's shop where he spends his days. We have hopes that given enough time and desensitization training, Tchecky will be able to enjoy life outside his safe places a lot more.

Tchecky is in great health! Even in Florida, which seems to have more than its share of itchy dogs, Tchecky is fine--he had a little bit of itchiness when he got here, but just one medicated bath cleared it right up.

Tchecky's temperament is in keeping with his anxious personality. When he feels safe, he is very friendly and outgoing, and he can be very cuddly, squashing himself so tightly up against his foster mom that he has nearly pushed her off the couch! He's only 18 pounds, but he knows how to use it. His foster mom reports that from time to time he is set off and becomes snappy with people--always strange men, though he is fine with the men who live in his foster home. When his veterinarian came into the shop, Tchecky greeted him and licked his fingers, but when he stepped toward his foster mom, Tchecky got upset and charged him. The vet says Tchecky is guarding his foster mom, so work must be done in that area. Most of the time he is a mellow boy and he does not destroy things or make a fuss, but his occasional anxiety will cause him to bark and carry on until his foster mom gets him calmed down. He does respond to verbal correction because he truly does want to please. His foster mom reports that she can touch his food dish, his toys, and his bedding without any problem, so he's fine with his people, but he doesn't like to share "his" family with others.

Tchecky's main problem is separation anxiety, and that is coupled with garden-variety insecurity. He loves to be with his person and suffers when she is out of sight, even if there are other people around. Preference will be given to a family where someone is home all day or he can go to work. He has enjoyed spending the day with his foster mom at her shop, but that is where the snapping episodes have occurred when strange men have come by, so unless your office is very quiet and staffed with women, we think he'd be happiest in a home where someone can be with him all day.

Tchecky should be an only dog unless his family is very experienced with anxious dogs. His family should be calm and quiet. His housebreaking is a work in progress, but he is getting better and growing accustomed to outings on a lead; his foster mom suggests a crate for when people are out of the house to limit accidents. While he loves to run around off lead, he will not return, so a safely fenced yard is required for him; he does charge the fence at the dog who lives next door to his foster mom, so keep that in mind if your neighbors have dogs. He does not do well in parks with other dogs around, and he is not good, obviously, in off-lead dog parks.

Tchecky cries when he is left alone, so a free-standing home is preferable for him.

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