Time for the Booties!


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Aug 1, 2013
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Well since it has been so cold lately, Rob and I decided it was time to get Marg her very own pair of booties! Partially to keep her warm, and then partially for our own entertainment...
She really didn't mind them as much as I thought! Now our male boxer/pit on the other hand was not the least bit thrilled when we put them on him ha. Maybe because they were cute pink bunnies!

IMG_1701.jpg IMG_1699.jpg IMG_1707.jpg
PMSL! The second photo... She just looks like she's given up on life. I must add, she's very beautiful... Even in her pink bunny booties lol.
Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! And I love her booties, too cute! And her coloring reminds me so much of Jax.
Oh my, poooooor Margie! LOL, too cute and funny! I love the 2nd photo too! She's none too happy about the pink bunnies on her feet!! :) Thanks for sharing!
Marg is such a good girl to keep them on! Did she take them off or did you? The pictures are all just too cute!
She is such a cutie, and looks great in her booties.
Ha ha ha. Love it. I think it was more for your entertainment, though...
GOOD LORD she is beyond adorable!!
Ha yes I do think they were more for our entertainment... But she didnt seem to mind since she got treats while she was wearing them so I could take a good picture :)
Those are so adorable! I'm pretty sure I couldn't give Chewy enough treats to keep from ripping them off! Jealous! [MENTION=156]trishkidd24[/MENTION]