Why It's Good to Know Canine CPR *Cautionary Tale*


Apr 23, 2013
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So today when I came home from work I let the dogs outside like I always do. I usually give them their raw food from the sun patio and then keep busy in the kitchen (overlooks the backyard) while they eat. I feed them at the same time because we haven't previously had any issues with one dog taking food from the other. Tank is an English Bulldog and a big one at that, so the pieces of meat he gets are bigger than the ones Stella gets.
I glanced out the window and noticed Stella had run over to the spot where Tank was eating but she was laying on her side and kicking her legs. I assumed she must be having some type of seizure so I rushed outside to her. When I got out there I noticed her mouth was wide open and she wasn't taking in any breath or letting any out and at that moment her thrashing stopped and she started to move slower and go limp. I screamed for Jordan because I was sure she was dying right in front of me. He came tearing outside and got down on the ground with her while I took Tank inside and got our young daughter away from the window. He immediately noticed there was a piece of meat lodged in her throat. He started to palpitate her chest and abdomen to try and push the meat further out of her mouth so he could grab ahold of it. He finally got it out of her throat but by then she had ceased all movement and breathing and her eyes had pretty much gone blank. At that point he began to give her CPR until the life returned to her. She laid there panting for a minute then tried to get to her feet. She stumbled around and tried to get her footing. Once she was up she immediately tried to go potty. It took her about 15 minutes to finally get to the point where she wasn't stumbling anymore.

So....the whole point of sharing this terrifying ordeal....it really is handy to know canine CPR. Also...if you have dogs eating different sizes of raw...separate them while they eat.

And lastly....I have the most amazing boyfriend ever. If it wasn't for him being home we probably would have lost our Stella this afternoon.
Oh yes give Jordan a big hug!! Wow that must have been so very frightening. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up just reading what happened. I'm so glad Stella is okay, this could have ended very badly. :(

Again, give Jordan another big hug!

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Oh my gosh, how scary scary!!!! I don't know if I would have known what to do :(
Sometimes a vet office will give CPR classes
WOW, so scary, and so glad Jordan was able to save her. Give them both a hug from us.
So happy Stella is okay!! That is very scary, so happy your boyfriend was home and knew what to do!
:hug: :hug: and more :hug: that is BEYOND terrifying so happy this had a good ending. give Stell a hug and kiss from us and also give Jordan a big hug for saving your sweet girl!