Apr 23, 2013
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Does your frenchie tolerate heavy play or mild heat without their breathing being affected?

Stella has a very smashed/flat face and she really can't stay outside more than 5 or 10 minutes if the temp is more than 70ish. I've noticed that if she is in direct sunlight it is even less time. She wears out fast than Tank (english bulldog) when they play because she gets winded a lot faster!

Just curious how everybody else's frenchies fair. I've heard that some with longer snouts can play for hours without it bothering their breathing.
Buster is a "halfie" so it is hard to compare. He is a clean breather, not labored at all and has really good endurance, When he had his vet check his nares were fine as was his trach size. Next time Stella goes to the vet have those checked out!
Cheli is just like Stella, especially since he is dark brindle... he does not last long outside at all and will go sit by the door or find shade when he has had enough. He will need palate surgery at some point... the boy can SNORE!
Babette doesn't tolerate heat well. If it's over 75 she pants when she goes out to use the potty, likewise when my husband plays hard with her.
Hazel can tolerate the heat a little better than my English, but we still don't let her stay out that long.
We are lucky; Cosette tolerates the heat well, she actually watched my wash my car for a half hour with no problems. (78 degrees).

My first Frenchie could only be out 5 minutes.