I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Lillebette~French Bulldog Available for Adoption in Oregon


Apr 23, 2013
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Location: Western Oregon
Age: 4 years
Sex: Female, spayed
Weight: 28 pounds
Kids: over 10 years
Cats: no
Dogs: no
Fenced Yard: required
Adoption Fee: $500


Beautiful, sassy Lillebette has made her way back to the Available Page! (She may have used her giant ears to fly here; we’re not sure.) This gorgeous brindle girl is looking for a special family to call her own—might it be yours?

Like many women famed the world over for their beauty, Lillebette is a bit of a diva. She becomes very anxious when she sees other dogs, and will bark, charge, and snap at them. Lillebette also has a strong prey drive, and cannot be housed safely with cats or other small animals. By the same token, she will gladly keep your yard free of squirrels by chasing them every chance she gets!

While Lillebette doesn’t care much for other animals, she sure does love her people. She is a snugglebunny who will cuddle for hours if there’s a warm lap to be had, and will do everything in her power to convince you that dogs belong on the people bed. Belly rubs are her absolute favorite, and she will repay the favor with sloppy kisses…and kisses…and more kisses!

That said, Lillebette does take some time to warm up to new people, and her behavior must be monitored very closely when visitors come over. Lilly has a dominant and protective personality, and bit someone who paid an unexpected visit to her previous owners. The bite did not break the skin, and Lillibette’s surrendering family believes that she was trying to protect their young children from the houseguest. Lilllibette also nipped at an unexpected guest during her first week in foster care. Since then, her foster family has worked tirelessly to teach her that such behavior is not acceptable, and Lily has not had another biting incident. However, her adoptive family must be prepared to continue working with Lillibette on this issue, and use patience and caution when introducing new people into the home. Preference will be given to those applicants who have a demonstrated ability to work with strong-willed dogs (please tell us about your experience in your application). Because children are not reliable about always being careful with dogs with quirks and might forget sometimes when a friend comes over, we are sadly going to say no children. No one wants to see anyone get hurt or have to live with the sadness of creating a nip or bite situation.

Lilly is a sturdy, muscular girl who enjoys going on walks and short hikes to maintain her girlish figure. She has even gone on a kayaking trip, where she stood at the front of the boat like a little brindle figurehead. Lillebette also loves going on car rides, and will gaze out the window at the world going by until she gets sleepy and settles down on her blanket for a nap. Her other favorite activity is a modified game of fetch, in which you throw the ball, she chases it, and then settles down to gnaw on the ball without ever actually bringing it back. Stuffed animals or squeaky toys are acceptable alternatives for these purposes.

While in foster care, Lillibette suffered an injury to her neck that required a few weeks of crate rest. She was successfully treated by a veterinarian who specializes in acupuncture and osteopathy, but must nonetheless refrain from jumping on/off furniture and climbing stairs. It is also essential that she wear a harness, rather than a traditional collar and leash, to reduce the risk of re-injuring her neck. Lillebette also suffers from some food and seasonal allergies, and needs a grain-free diet to avoid a recurrence of the itchies.

Lillibette is housebroken, but her cues are subtle—she will go to the door and quietly wait to be let out. A failure to notice this cue may result in a puddle on the floor. Lillibette would also benefit greatly from obedience and further leash training. She will sit for a treat, but that’s about it, and her leash manners range from “barely passable” to “atrocious.” Due to her neck injury, Lily’s leash training must be accomplished through positive reinforcement with no yanking on the leash.
Lily might do well in an office environment, if it is quiet and does not involve people regularly coming and going. Most of all, Lillibette wants to be where her people are. She becomes a bit anxious when left alone, so a person who works from home or could take her to the office would be ideal.

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