I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Rufus~French Bulldog Mix Available for Adoption in South Carolina


Apr 23, 2013
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Rufus is a nine year old, brindle and white, French/English Bulldog mix, who is just about as sweet as they come. As many frenchies do, Rufus has allergies. He will need to be kept on a high quality, grain free food. This is very important in keeping his skin healthy. He is also on a joint supplement that will need to be continued in his forever home, because he has arthritis in his hip that causes him some mild stiffness. For that reason, he will need to be in a house that does not have a lot of stairs. He does know how to sit on command and listens very well in the house, but will need to be leashed if outside in a yard without fence because he will take off quickly and doesn’t listen as well outdoors. He does not like thunder storms and he has a thunder shirt that was sent with him for him to wear helping keep him stay calm during storms. He anxiously pants during a thunderstorm and does not want to go outside when it is raining. He loves playing with the dogs in his foster home and he is content to simply follow his people around the house. Rufus sleeps in bed with his foster mom and dad or goes out and gets on the couch. He doesn’t like to be gated or contained, but that is not a problem, because he doesn’t bother anything when is out. He is not a cuddlebug, but he does like to sleep under the blankets. He wants to be in the room with someone… and as you see in the picture, he likes sitting in the recliner with his foster dad!

Rufus is a loud barker and barks to go in and out. He also barks if he wants something! He’s a talker! We don’t think he’d be well suited for an apartment. He would do best in a calm home, with no small children – where he can be a happy couch potato. Rufus has a face like grumpy cat on the internet, he always has that frown – but he is happy and feeling good.

Wanna adopt?

Please visit the French Bulldog Village's website and fill out an application. Read the Adoption information and fill out an application, make sure you read and understand their adoption process.

Here is the link:


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Please let them know you found them on French Bulldog News! :)
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Alice Kable

Apr 14, 2013
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Rufus is adorable! He will find a home/family that is perfect for him! And they will be very lucky to call Rufus their own!